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Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

CoRenewal is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity and ameliorating the impacts of natural disasters and ecological disturbances on both community and ecosystem health.


We are committed to environmental justice, education and collaborative, community-led solutions for supporting ecological resilience. We emphasize the role of Fungi in restoration, specifically in restoring petroleum-contaminated, fire-affected, or heavy-metal contaminated agricultural or natural ecosystems.

Our Strategy

We are a team with expertise in community development and ecological restoration, including scientists with extensive knowledge of nature-based remediation technologies.


As we investigate ecologically sound solutions to human caused pollution, we work closely with communities and agencies to design, implement, and monitor sustainable projects and offer educational activities.


Through facilitating partnerships among diverse groups, CoRenewal engages communities via implementing approaches to provide local economic, social, and health benefits.

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